O Little Birdie.

O little birdie,

I envy you,

For you are so fragile, so delicate,

For the turn of the time you are in

For all the innocence, that you contain,

For all the weightlessness,

In the words you speak, in the thoughts you think,

and in the actions you perform.

O little birdie,

Let me tell you,

You are deeply in debt,

For the heaviest debt in your life,

The debt of life,

O little birdie,

I am afraid for you,

For you will suffer the same,

For you will not have the hard shell to protect you anymore,

For you will be caged for all your life long,

For you will see the sky and won’t be able to fly,

For your feathers will shed,

Shed with every struggle you will make,

Against the bars that will bound you,

O little birdie,

I will be worried for you,

It will hurt too much,

But this is life,

Feathers will grow, and will be plucked again,

You will cry, You will try,

And ultimately you will die,

With only one thing in your life,

“A wish to fly”