The Pride of Appearance

Ever got struck by a meteor called “Judgement”.

How does it feel?

An extra-terrestrial body enters your comfort zone, hits the very deepest part of you and leaves you broken.

Do you have the gut to hit back? But, how can you hit an entity which was so strong a moment ago and has vanished after resonating your whole existence?

After a lot of struggle when you re-arrange yourself, it is not the real you. Your genuine self was lost in the process.  You do not accept this new face; you do not owe the new identity that came out as a reaction to what you went through. Therefore, you think people will not accept it either. You mask it with a more acceptable version of yourself. The one that could please your viewers and act as a shield against all these attacks.

The problem arises when you forget that the definition of pleasure is not the same for everyone. Therefore, you start modifying your mask according to their pleasure, and it tends to get heavier and complex, every time you meet a new viewer. To avoid this, you stop meeting people and isolate ourselves behind this mask.

However, the story behind the mask is much miserable than the front of it. Many beasts of your own judgment eat the flesh of your face every day only due to your denial about your identity.

All for the sake of…  All for the sake of “Pride of appearance”