A Different World

In this world, different people go through different times, different situations and different experiences as a result of choices they make in their life. These choices may be governed by their past, their family, their society, their political influence or culture, hence anything. But for some people, it is different. It is like another unknown part of themselves caged inside, communicating with them with a voice, a whisper, a tune that keeps on playing, no matter what choice they make. It pulls them towards itself, changes their circumstances to follow it and makes them leave everything behind. Nothing else can govern their life but this little whisper. Neither they can suppress, deny or avoid it nor can they understand it themselves or describe it to other people. It’s an abstract idea, a thought or an emotion that they never understand but chase all the way long.

All they have to do is to accept its existence. And as soon as they accept it, they uncover THE ARTIST within themselves.

Confession of an Insecure Soul

How easy it is to stand in front of someone, gather all the pain you have…
And hit back for the strike you got
With same pressure or even more than that

Just to be at ease
Just to shift the pain back to the one who gave you

You weep, you shout, you can even kill
Just to relieve yourself from the burden of Anger, Pain and Revenge !

What do you feel when you have reacted like a beast
Achieved, Relieved, Sick, Guilty…..?

Let me tell you
You were never capable of holding  grudges like these and carrying such a heavy burden in your head and in your heart

You can never imagine
How hard it is to listen everything you don’t want to
And absorb it like nothing happened
And never letting a single word slip through your tongue
Holding it, carrying it where ever you go and Fighting it all yourself

You can never feel this pain
You never will….

The Reason

She knew that the only thing that would kill the grief within her was her ignorance towards it.
So, she pretended to be ignorant as long as she could. Her continuous ignorance killed her grief and ultimately its reason.

Its been long since she lost it and now,
When being reminded, she never owes it, never recognizes it.

I have seen her often.
Sitting alone in the corners, weeping and mourning.


Me = I = Balanced


Ultimately I have achieved a balance.

So many times I have wished in my life to run away from what I was, towards what I wanted to be.

Never existing on this earth,  Always trying to touch the extremes.

Sometimes, trying to touch the heights up to the infinity and sometime, reaching the depth up to end of this matter.

But, finally I realized, I was neither a bird to touch the skies, nor a fish to flow in the deep.

I was a human !!!

And I had to achieve the balance to stay on this Earth, among other humans.

It was a long journey but finally it ended or may be not, or may be a new one started.

Its like a War, everyday you fight it, to prepare yourself for the next. No matter, you win or you loose, you fight.

And you have to until you are defeated by your own self.

You lose hope, you lose the beat and ultimately you lose the breath.

And there you are, not abandoned but freed.

From time that controls you

From space that contains you

From gravity that attracts you


From your own self that repels you.