The Reason

She knew that the only thing that would kill the grief within her was her ignorance towards it.
So, she pretended to be ignorant as long as she could. Her continuous ignorance killed her grief and ultimately its reason.

Its been long since she lost it and now,
When being reminded, she never owes it, never recognizes it.

I have seen her often.
Sitting alone in the corners, weeping and mourning.



Alif Allah

Alif Allah chambe di booti, Murshid man wich laaee hoo
Nafee asbaat da pane milia, Har rage harjae hoo.
Andar booti mushk machaya, Jaan phullan te aae hoo
Jeeve Murshid Kaamil Bahu, Jain eh booti laee hoo

My Master Has Planted in My Heart the Jasmine of Allah’s Name.
Both My Denial That the Creation is Real and My Embracing of God, the Only Reality, Have Nourished the Seedling Down to its Core.
-When the Buds of Mystery Unfolded Into the Blossoms of Revelation, My Entire Being Was Filled with God’s Fragrance.
-May the Perfect Master Who Planted this Jasmine in My Heart Be Ever Blessed, O Bahu!


I have been focusing on these lines when I started this project. How this belief, this idea and this concept of Oneness of God, originates within you as a spark and turns into light slowly and slowly. Ultimately it dwells into your soul and disperses all over you and then around you. Its a very beautiful feeling to surrender your self to nothing but HIM.

A Hard Life and a Little Smile


Democritus says “Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold. Happiness dwells in the soul.”

Even in such hard days, it seems that caring for Pakistan’s children is too hard. Millions of children are homeless, hungry, sick and devastated by flooding in many areas. Suicide attacks and terrorist networks abound this country. With so much negative situations, it’s too hard to feel good about Pakistan. Our hearts go out to the downtrodden and we feel helpless. But Pakistan’s children with all these hardships are surviving the hardest situations. They owe their country more than we do. Never arguing or expecting for more. Accepting and Thanking for what their homeland is giving them.





O Little Birdie.

O little birdie,

I envy you,

For you are so fragile, so delicate,

For the turn of the time you are in

For all the innocence, that you contain,

For all the weightlessness,

In the words you speak, in the thoughts you think,

and in the actions you perform.

O little birdie,

Let me tell you,

You are deeply in debt,

For the heaviest debt in your life,

The debt of life,

O little birdie,

I am afraid for you,

For you will suffer the same,

For you will not have the hard shell to protect you anymore,

For you will be caged for all your life long,

For you will see the sky and won’t be able to fly,

For your feathers will shed,

Shed with every struggle you will make,

Against the bars that will bound you,

O little birdie,

I will be worried for you,

It will hurt too much,

But this is life,

Feathers will grow, and will be plucked again,

You will cry, You will try,

And ultimately you will die,

With only one thing in your life,

“A wish to fly”