Me = I = Balanced


Ultimately I have achieved a balance.

So many times I have wished in my life to run away from what I was, towards what I wanted to be.

Never existing on this earth,  Always trying to touch the extremes.

Sometimes, trying to touch the heights up to the infinity and sometime, reaching the depth up to end of this matter.

But, finally I realized, I was neither a bird to touch the skies, nor a fish to flow in the deep.

I was a human !!!

And I had to achieve the balance to stay on this Earth, among other humans.

It was a long journey but finally it ended or may be not, or may be a new one started.

Its like a War, everyday you fight it, to prepare yourself for the next. No matter, you win or you loose, you fight.

And you have to until you are defeated by your own self.

You lose hope, you lose the beat and ultimately you lose the breath.

And there you are, not abandoned but freed.

From time that controls you

From space that contains you

From gravity that attracts you


From your own self that repels you.